Thursday, November 10, 2005


So much has happened in the last few months that it's amazing I've remembered to breathe.

First of all, for those of you that still grace this blog with your presence from time to time, thank you! And a big thanks to all the comments I've gotten even though I've taken a bit of leave from blogland.

Ha, where to begin. Let me make a really long crazy story short. Rita was forecasted to hit our city. We visited my dad in Northern LA while the eye of the storm passed over our home. Then we visited some friends in Houston for a little over a week. Then we went to Austin for a while. My hubby interviewed in 2 of the 3 places we stayed. On a Friday, not too long ago, he accepted a job in Houston, TX - a little over 2 hours from where we live(d) in Louisiana. The following week we spent 3 days in Houston trying to find a place to live. On Friday, we move in. The following Monday he starts work and I'm running back and forth to LA gathering things and getting rid of things from our home. Sound frantic? It was.

Now, we're in the process of weeding through our things. Trying to figure out what can come with us to a 1 bedroom (with study) apartment from a 3 bedroom 2 bath house. It's crazy. I say we're in the process, but I feel like we've hardly begun. We've managed to sell our LARGE television and are in the process of shopping for a wall mountable one. We've been debating over what to do with our furniture, but I'll honestly be glad to see the dead cow carcass stretched over wood and cushioning go. (Can you tell that the leather was Not my idea?) I was quick to chose our not so great bed to come with us, so that we would just 'have' to buy a new one. ;) The better of our old beds will go back to family ~ my mom had given it to us on a whim. My hubby has decided that he needs a California King to suit his tall frame. That's fine with me. I've got my eye on Allegro from PB . (Click the picture to see a better image of the bed.)

I've had to resign from college for this semester and I will be going to school here in Houston starting in the spring. I hate to have to resign, but the driving back and forth just isn't worth it.

Some other things have been going on to, but I'll save them for another time. No knitting content for now; I haven't had or made the time for it, but I will.

/hugs to everyone!

Girlfriend, I am so glad to hear from you! It's good to know that you're alright, that hubby got a job, and that you're beginning to get settled. I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible and that you'll be very happy in your new home!
I still check every once in awhile, wondering how you're doing. I'm glad to hear that you found a new place though it must be tough to move. Keep us updated on how it all goes!
Glad all is well. I have been eyeing a California king for quite a while and I am just 5'. I always loved large beds. My daughter is nursing and still sleeps with me.
I'm so glad to hear that you are managing to make some good progress with jobs, home, etc. What a nightmare -- but thankfully you're coming out of it OK!

Hugs to you too!
Love you guys!
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