Saturday, July 02, 2005

AV shawl-collared pullover ~ FINISHED!

I love blogging. I think you guys are the reason I deal with seaming and actually finishing things.

(This yarn is so hard to photograph!)
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#23 Winter Vogue '04-'05
Yarn: 10 skeins of Summer Tweed
Colorway: Blueberry (There's nothing blue about this yarn; it's purple)
Fiber content: 70% silk & 30% cotton
Needles: Size 8 Crystal Palace Bamboo, Size 11 bamboo for collar bind off
Size: small ~ 39 bust meas. (since when is 39" bust small?)
Alterations: Using a .84 stitch ratio, I changed the yarn in the pattern from AV's Martina to Rowan's summer tweed.
Started: June 1, 2005
Finished: July 1, 2005

I've really enjoyed working on the AV pullover. I calculated the pattern to fit the gauge of Rowan's Summer Tweed, rather than the AV Martina yarn the pattern called for. My ratio was .84 (Yes, I'm anal and used the 4/100ths). Everyone has fallen in love with this yarn as they've seen me work with it. It's nice, in a way, but really it's bad that I'm promoting it. It's 70% silk and 30% cotton. I bought this yarn as I was transitioning into veganism and was basically looking for anything that was luxurious and not wool.

The pattern:

The pattern was wonderful. The specific increases and decreases are named throughout the pattern, which is really nice. Everything was really well laid out and simple to follow. My only change would have been to provide a schematic for the collar. Somehow I made it nearly 4 inches too long. Mine also doesn't seem as wide as it is in the picture. To solve the problem of it being too long, I've just tucked the extra lengths inside the sweater and let them hang, basically. (My boobs stick out far enough to provide a bit of a overhang that makes the extra bulk of collar unnoticeable.

If I were to knit this again, I would make it an inch or 2 longer. Looking at the model, I thought this was going to be just the right length. My chest seems to pull it up a bit in the front, so next time I'd compensate for that. Actually, looking back at the pattern, it should have been 22-23" for the length. I screwed it up somehow, because mine is only 21". (I was probably eager to finish it subconsciously. At least I was consistent, the back and front matched up perfectly. :)

Overall this sweater was a relaxing, fun knit! I am just elated that it fits me so perfectly. The shaping, the arms, the bust all fit with the right amount of ease. It’s very comfortable! I absolutely love the style, as well. This is a sweater I will definitely wear in public. I hope you like it as much as I do!

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Helpful hints:

1. When binding off your collar, bind off with a needle about 3 sizes larger than the one you've used to knit the sweater. I knit this up with a size 8, but used an 11 for the collar bind off. You need the bound off edge to be loose so that the collar can fold over on your neck easily.

2. When you seam on the collar, be sure to seam the edge along the back of the neck first. The way you are sure that you will be centered and if you have extra length, like I did, you will still be symmetrical.

3. When seaming this edge along the back piece and collar, do it so that the ugly seaming part will show on the back piece and not on the part behind your neck. The collar will hide the seamed edge on the back, but it may look weird if it shows in the front. The collar bunches up in such a way that it probably won't be noticeable either way really.

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What a babe!

Gorgeous new FO, looks like a million bucks on you. Great look for the blog (can you tell I've not been here for a while?...I read in Bloglines mostly, but had to come here to comment. I love your logo...)

Hope school's not making you crazy. Looks like there's still time to knit...

I've missed you, but will have a bit more time to chat after the wedding. Maybe we can yahoo or msn?

Big hugs,
Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous. The sweater and you both! :) It fits you just right. And you have a beautiful smile!

Thanks for the tips, I still plan to make one in the fall.
great job!! I bought that issue with that sweater in mind, but haven't gotten around to knitting've inspired me!! :D

That looks amazing, I love it! The color and fit look great on you. At least one of us had a successful FO this week.

Now when do we get to see the shrug?
It is as if that sweater was designed just for you--fabulous picture of you too (I don't remember ever seeing you before! pretty pretty!) This is the one from Vogue? I think it looks fab, Atouria. Congrats on the FO! :)
Thanks so much for the compliments guys!

Susie, I'm on AIM and msn. I'll email ya.

Karma, you're so sweet! I can't wait until you get started on yours.

Mayflwr, it's so good to meet you!

Yahaira, I forgot all about the shrug pics! It's STORMING outside today, but I may take an inside shot of it. I just have to remember!

Lolly, Yea, this one is from the winter Vogue of 04-05. I'm going to edit the post to include that info. I was so excited to finally post it that i forgot some things.

Thanks guys!
Look how beautiful you are! What a cute sweater too! You did a really great job on it too.

How is school? Hope you're not too stressed. Thinking of you. =0) HUGS!
ooh, it looks wonderful and rather luxurious. such a wonderful color!
YAY!!!!! You are so amazing & so is your delightful sweater! The color looks awesome on you!! CONGRATS on a FO!

my question is...what is this "waterbottle sling"...I see as 99% done..?
That sweater turned out fantastic, and it looks beautiful on you -- what a great fit!

Happy 4th! Gotta love those veggie dogs for the cook-out! I seriously can't get enough of them, myself. :)
Wow, Atouria! It looks amazing! I hope you will wear it all the time. I've been checking your blog for weeks now hoping to see the finished product (and enjoying your posts), and I'm so pleased it is so cute!
congrats on the finish. :) i'm not quite brave enough to try a hand at wearables yet. besides, lots of baby blankets to crochet these days! found your blog through vegan momma, so i'll be stopping by regularly. :)
It's so great to see some new faces! Mo, how've you been!? Thanks for checking up on me and i'm glad you like it!

Ya know, heidi, I need to try some smart dogs. i haven't had 'em since i was a vegetarian. i need to check and be sure that they're vegan.

Laura, school is over 50% done! Woohoo! I can't wait until this semester is over.

Thanks so much everyone!
Hey there, your sweater came out beautifully!! Please bring it to knit night so I can see it in person.
Carole W.
Hey Carole! I'll definitely bring it Thursday night. I'm so thrilled with how well it came out!
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