Friday, November 18, 2005

Knit shops

Wednesday I drove around and checked out the two LYS's that I know of. First, I went to Twisted Yarns. I was really impressed with their shop. There were quite a few people in there, yet I was still able to get a warm welcome the minute I walked in the door. Along with that, they were very personable and went through a great deal of trouble to help me find a vegan substitue to Debbie Bliss's Alpaca silk line. (We decided on Blue Sky Alpaca's Cotton yarn.) I didn't purchase yarn this time, but I didn't leave empty handed. I came home with my much sought after Calmer collection book by Rowan, which is filled with Kim Hargreaves designs. I also bought the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk book ~ FREIDA is calling my name from that one.

I also went to Yarns 2 Ewe. I was also greeted immediately at this shop. They were a little busy, so it took a while for me to get some help. When I did get help, they were really nice and even sat on the floor with me to decide on some yarn subs. Unfortunately, I left there empty handed.

I really wanted to buy some Calmer yarn to get started on either the LOLL cardi or on HEARTEN which I have the image of in my last post. Now I'm thinking of holding off on both pattern books in leu of the Autumn Phildar magazine. I ordered it tonight from Knit-N-Tyme. I nearly ordered the Winter issue as well, but instead of having a stash of yarn, I have a stash of knitting books and magazines! I'm making myself vow to no more books or magazines (ok, except for the Holiday issues of Vogue and Interweave knits), until I knit 1 thing from each of my recent purchases. That's reasonable, right? :)

I'm still undecided on what I want to start on first. I really want to tackle Frieda by Debbie Bliss, but I really love the pink it's in. Unfortunately, Blue Sky's Cotton doesn't come in a color that even comes close. Their pink is wayy to bright! I can use either the organic natural cotton or the dyed cotton.

Here's the pattern:

Any ideas would be Tremendously appreciated!

All I can say is, that cably turtleneck design is smashing. It might be too heavy in all cotton, though. Have you considered making it in something like Rowan All Seasons Cotton or some other blend so that it will keep its shape and not grow too heavy? Just an idea. I *love* that pattern.

It's so good to see that you're getting settled in your new home town!
I was thinking of doing it in the 'nut' organic color. I'm pretty sure of it now. It's not a tight spun cotton. I hope it's not too heavy. I really can't think of any other type of yarn to knit it with. The linens would knit up the same as cotton, and the bamboo would have too much drape. Any sugguestions on a better sub?

Thanks! I'm really starting to love Houston. I live in the outskirts, so it's really nice here. :)
Hello from another vegan knitter. I have another yarn to suggest - Cotton Classic (Tahki * Stacy Charles, Inc. - color 3938). I made a top in it -
I don't know about the gauge to say if it's a good sub for what you're looking for, but I used it to sub for a silk yarn - it was supposed to be double stranded in the silk and I used a single strand of this. You can also check if you haven't played with that before.
Another vegan knitter here, as you can see! (or read?)

Anyhoo, I was going to suggest the nut color - I like that one the best out of the naturals. It isn't very heavy, I just felt some up (heehee) at the yarn store and it was pretty light for a cotton. They were even on sale for 5.80 a skein, but I didn't want to buy a bunch not knowing what I would make of it yet.
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