Sunday, July 03, 2005

Water bottle sling - remix

Ok, so it's not so cool as an actual remix, but it seemed like a good title at the time.

First, I want to show you the FO from March 17, 2005.

I didn't like the rough edge the garter stitch gave the strap. I also just kept happily knitting away and ended up making it too long. So I ripped the strap and started over.

Here is the new FO:

Image hosted by
(The card doesn't really poke out, I just pulled it out a bit so you could see my nifty card holder.)

Pattern: Water bottle sling fromKnit-Wit I can't really say I recommend this book. Most of the patterns are available online for free at knitty.
Yarn: Four Seasons Hot Socks
Yarn content: 75% wool, 25% nylon
Amount: 1 skein (230yds or 210m)
Colorway: 220 (jeweltones)
Project Completed: July 3,2005

Helpful hints:

1.Since I used a sock yarn instead of 100% wool, the strap was more springy, which is nice. (The pattern calls for Koigu PPPM 100% merino wool. Just say NO to merino!)

2.If you make the pocket, after doing Row 5 for 3.75", stop on a WS row. This will keep your pocket on the outside instead of it being on the inside. If you want the pocket to be more hidden, on the inside, you can end on a RS row.

3.To make the new strap: K1, slip 1, K to last 3 stitches, slip 1, K1, slip 1 ~ every row. This made a much sturdier and more 'finished' strap. I knit the strap about 2 feet long. The nylon in the yarn gives it a good stretch.

Other notes:

The water bottle sling is an excellent way to become associated with dpns. I used this project to gauge if I could ever really knit socks. I think I will, one day. :)

This, along with the shrug, will be the last projects that contain animal derived fibers. I'm actually thinking of reknitting the shrug in coton-lin, because the alpaca is itchy to me. It'll nice to get rid of the guilt associated with it as well.

On that note, if anyone needs 1 skein of the yarn I used for this project, it's yours. Email me or leave a comment. 1 skein is enough to make the water bottle sling, but not a pair of socks.

oh VERY cool. I've been thinking about making something similar for when I go to yoga or rollarblade..hmmm.
Also, I'd love that extra skein..can I trade you anything for it? I'm looking through my stash but I think everything I have is either acrylic, silk, wool or cotton..hmmm.

:D awesome. your super making me want to finish like 9,000 things!
The skein is yours! Email me at yarnyoga at so we can work out the details.

I definitely have finish-itis. My chinese bag is all knit up. I'm just looking for a good fabric to line it with. i went to a local store and found nada. Other than that, I'm going to work on my bamboo cabled tank until I decide on what yarn to get for the union market pullover.
what a wonderful idea, love the yarn colours and the card holder is great idea.

thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
You're sooooo good, finishing all these projects! You make me look so bad. :) The water bottle sling is a fun idea and I like that you put a little pocket on it for your gym card or other business.
Wow - your strap looks a ton better then the original! Nice job.

Just thought I'd say hello as I've been reading your blog and am not sure I've introduced myself yet. :)
Oh that's so cute! I need to knit one now that I have a water bottle. Thank my secret pal for that!
Have a wonderful 4th my friend!
Hi! Your water bottle sling is great - I especially love the card holder. Thanks for posting on my blog! You'll see that I've transitioned to socks - you should give them a try, they're fun!
hey, yea, u should try's a great knit! :D

I love your re-mix! the strap looks soo good!
very, very cute. i especially like the strap -- tres professional looking! i also honestly wasn't wowed by "Knit Wit." i haven't made a thing from it. i'm also not bowled over by the new knitty. oh well!
Okay, but I really love that orange bag. ;)
Good luck on finishing the sweater and waterbottle holder! Sorry I haven't been by in a while, blogger is being hateful!
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